A deep, powerful practice combining body, mind and breath tools to connect to your Infinity and awaken your potential.


The magic flow of the breath and movement to awaken, strengthen and uplift your physical and energetic self.


A gentle yoga sequence designed to relax the body, release tension and recover from physical and mental stress.


Go within, discover the power of your breath and find a new space of freedom, peace and clarity in your mind.


A massage session for deep relaxation, rejuvenation, energy balance, and physical and mental wellbeing.


A personal healing session to tune-up your chakras and heal on a physical, mental, emotional and energetic level.


A personal session to support you in your life and challenges. On your request, I will define a personal yogic/meditative practice that best fits your needs. This session can be done online (Skype).


Creative, fun and yoga-oriented activities for educating, exercising and empowering the body, mind and spirit of the children.



“I asked Ria for help because I was stressed both for my job and personal life. I was negative, full of worries and out of balance. Ria opened up a new world for me. Now I feel connected to myself and I deal with everyday challenges in a peaceful and relaxed way. She also gave me simple but effective tools to integrate in my daily life that help me go back to balance whenever I need it.”
Federica, Freelancer
“I’ve always been really emotional and impulsive. Ria helped me to better deal with daily stress, improve my sleep and feel in my power. My relationships have improved. I’m more calm, patient, relaxed and happy. Ria also gave me useful tools to release stress and keep my balance during daily challenges. Ria is careful, experienced and helpful. She is very special.”
Chiara, Event Menager
“Ria’s classes are full of joy, light and passion. She really knows how to unlock the inner light and potential that is inside each one of us, so that we can experience the best of ourselves. Ria is skillful and experienced; she has an excellent technique and deep knowledge.”
Bernadette, Natural Healer
“I started working with Ria because I was anxious, stressed and I had a constant pain in my chest. Ria helped improve incredibly fast. I’m more relaxed, I feel a better person, and my relationships have improved. Ria is sweet, determinate and full of passion and knowledge. I’ve been trying many different things, but nothing worked. Now I can finally say that I made improvements in life.”
Gabriella, Teacher
“I started to work with Ria to improve my agility for sailing competitions. I was surprised to notice that I improved not just physically, but psychologically. The key factor is the passion Ria brings to her training. She’s able to transmit people her own feelings. And it is with my present feeling state that now I can do a better job not just on the boat, but also in my personal life.”
Andrea, Entrepreneur
“I started doing yoga with Ria because I loved her feminine, calm and positive attitude. I was very new to yoga and a bit sceptic in the beginning. But very fast I started feeling physically better and stronger. Ria also helped me to eat healthier and improve my lifestyle with simple but effective tips. In one year I found myself more feminine, calm and open-minded. I was listening more to my body and trusting myself and my intuition.”
Lenka, Bartender
“Ria is a brilliant soul in and out and her soft approach to teaching is very refreshing! It’s a pleasure to have her as part of the Nai’a tribe. She breathes life.”
Geneviève, Founder Nai'a Project
“I’ve been doing Kundalini Yoga with Ria for one year. It has been a change in my way of understanding and seeing, observing and smelling life.
They changed many things within me and their kundalini produced in me a great growth and I feel increasingly closer to myself, closer to the small unforgettable moments that sometimes go unnoticed, closer to the collective feeling, more sensitive humanity , Who feels and perceives that he is guided by the intuition of truths.
She is pure and always radiates intense light, her classes are powerful and energetic and you feel more strength to achieve and achieve your goals.
She is light, poetry and love.
Thank you for making me feel in community, and belong again to this infinite mother earth.”
Elisabet, Kids Teacher
“I have been much happier since I started Kundalini Yoga with Ria. My idea about myself and life are more positive and holistic…body and spirit …
Thank you Ria for transmitting us with your patience and with your love so that we are better and can face life with joy!”
Ria is an excellent teacher, involved 100 x 100 in her profession. Thank you!
Marta, Artist
“There are many types of yoga as well as many types of teachers. Kundalini is the yoga that helps me in my personal growth. Ria is the teacher that with her passion, devotion, love and consciousness helps me on my spiritual path.
Kundalini Yoga and Ria, the magic combination to heal your life!”
Yolanda, Market Seller
“I am grateful to be able to express my experience of Kundalini Yoga with Ría. There is a before and an after in my life, my heart, soul and being. Ria let you see the greatness that is in you.
It is a practice that makes you connect with your being with each breath. For me it is the maximum connection of the energy of her classes and the great teachings that she imparts.
I am and I will be grateful for my entire life to have found Ria and her path. My life has totally changed.
Thanks for your wisdom Ria. Thank you.”
Yovana, Freelancer
“Being guided by Ria is like being guided by a guardian angel.”
Vava, Yoga Teacher
“Fantastic teacher. I highly recommend her if you want to have an authentic an fun kundalini yoga experience.”
Ioana, Artist and Photographer
“I was looking for Kundalini Yoga lessons and I found Ria. What a beautiful woman, fiery and soft, who shares so much passion in her yoga teaching! I attend to a couple of her classes weekly. The classes are tranquil, light, and strong at the same time. She plays beautiful matching music with the kriyas and gives very complete and clear instructions. In the way she shares her passion, Ria inspires me and gives the opportunity to really go deep within my own journey every time.”
Kim, Freelancer
“One of the most powerful and inspiring Yoga teacher in the world. If you want deep transformation – she is the one.”
Yves, Coach & Yoga Teacher
“Ria brought us 1000 steps closer to excellence by relating always to our spirit, soul and allowing our Pure Essence to be expressed. She is the most graceful kundalini yoga Teacher We have ever encountered! Thank you Ria for being our Divine Teacher and dear soul friend! And thank you Universe for bringing us together.”
Dajana, Yoga Teacher, Healer & Alchimist
“Ria is a fantastic kundalini yoga teacher. Her classes always leave me inspired! Highly recommended!”
Nicole, Freelancer


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